Social Psychologist

Megs Carpenter, PhD.

Current Research Assistants:

Mason Culbertson is a rising junior at the university of Puget Sound. He is studying Psychology and has research ambitions in the fields of sexual and social psychology. Mason is a military child and has lived in several states and countries. Mason has career goals to become a clinical psychologist, and aims to focus his work on military family dynamics, specifically the opportunities and challenges military children face and how these affect their development and identities

Claire Canfield

Claire Canfield was born in Austin, Texas and raised in Portland, Oregon. She is currently a senior at the University of Puget Sound, where she is working on her degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish Language, Culture and Literature. Claire’s research interests include the influence of identity factors and personality dimensions on social perception, as well as the impact that such perceptions can have on hiring decisions, voting biases, and other forms of discrimination. She hopes to pursue a career in social or measurement psychology. 

Mason Culbertson

My Research lab 

My lab focuses on research related to gender norms, conditional mating strategies, and the influence of power on sexual behaviors. In the context of gender norms, we are currently conducting research on how specific social influences impact individuals' perceptions of masculinity, as well as how threats to masculinity may result in efforts to restore masculinity. Additionally, we are currently conducting research on how skewed sex ratios (i.e., the proportion of sexually available men to sexually available women) influence individuals' sexual behaviors and attitudes, and further how personal feelings of power may influence individuals' sexual attitudes, behaviors, and attraction to others. 

I have had the pleasure of working with numerous undergraduate students on various research projects over the years. These students have been involved with everything from data collection and entry to designing their own original research projects. Below is a list of the current and past members of my research lab. 

Previous Research Assistants:

  • Deion Anunciacion

  • Jenna Chang

  • Nicolyn Charlot

  • Ben Chi

  • Lauren Roxton Chibbaro

  • T.N. Conley

  • Brittney Daniels

  • Abbey Darmody

  • Jibril Hassan

  • Kristin Ho

  • Sylvia Lee

  • Cheri Lehr

  • Athena Partch

  • Jeanette Purvis

  • Christie Reindle

  • Holli Smith

  • Borislava Stoytcheva

  • BJ Tilos

  • Christopher Towers

  • Jon Vose

  • Kirsten Wong

  • Jessica Yamaguchi